Garden Lamp Stone | Garten Lampe Stein | Lampe de Jardin en Pierre

This art lamp made of river stone that have been perforated as decorative accents, as well as the way that light can break out to give a dramatic effect to your indoor or outdoor.
The appearance of natural stone that is left as is, responded with high taste and talented art skill provides both natural and contemporary art at the same time in your indoor or outdoor ( stone garden lights ).

Beside as a lights, it can also be used as a candle holder. You can just open the lid; put a candle in the bottom of the stone room that can be fitted with a votive. And, candle light will break out and give a romantic effect.

As an alternative other than a round hole, here also could be a line or stripe-shaped hole, which is not less beautiful.
Here we cannot give the exact size of the lamp because the stone material really was plucked from the river. It’s really natural. Which can be given is a range of sizes.
Also, we cannot guarantee similarity of color and texture because, once again, we picked what they are.

If you are interested to make this river stone light to be accessories to decorate your interior, please contact us.