Mosaic Marble | Mosaik Marmor | Mosaique Marbre | Mozaiek Marmer - Mosaic Fan

Mosaic Fan From Wira Djadie Naturalstone - Tulungagung Perfect For Kitchens And Bathroom Surfaces And Swimming Pools! Applications Are Limitless

MARBLE HAS THE ABILITY to make a room timeless and inviting by adding warmth and texture.
These Mosaic Fan Tiles of tumbled marble create a seamless and uniform surface that gives almost any space a unique look and feel. All our marble stones are handpicked, sorted by color and size, and glued to mesh for easy handling.

Type : Mozaik Fan Marble / Marmer / Marmor / Marbre Tulungagung
Colour : White, Red, Grey, Light Grey, Capucino, Sandstone, Onyx, Coco Brown